Planned Maintenance - Fan Replacement Resolved
Priority - High Affecting Server - HN1

Update: Maintenance completed. All services back up and running.

Update: Maintenance started. Servers being shut down.

A cooling fan in one of our host servers has failed and needs to be replaced. The following servers will be affected by the planned downtime.

  • ent-jhb (business hosting)
  • waf-jhb (web application firewall)
  • relay-jhb (cPanel mail exchanger)

All services (web, email etc.) will be unavailable during the maintenance period. Downtime should not exceed 30-40 minutes.

Server Outage Resolved
Priority - High Affecting Server -

We are aware of an outage on the following server where some websites are not loading:

This is currently being investigated, we will have an update shortly.

UPDATE: The issue has been resolved

Data Centre Network Issue Resolved
Priority - Critical Affecting Other - Managed VPS Environment

There was a critical power outage at the Johannesburg data center where our managed cPanel VPS's are hosted. Customers on our managed VPS servers will not be able to access their websites/email.

Power was restored and data center engineers are currently booting the servers back up.

UPDATE 07:10

Data center technicians are still booting up servers (staggered). It is taking longer than expected due to the scale of the outage. We will update this page once we have any further updates.

All services have been restored.